P1060329At our department in FICOSA we design, develop, and demonstrate the future technologies that will make the connected car a reality. My work is focused on V2X (vehicle to anything)  and 5G technologies. As a Product Engineer I’m in charge of the software development as well as the integration of all the pieces that form a V2X system.

The 4th of July of 2016 I finished my PhD in Computer Science by the Universitat Politécnica de València(UPV), in Spain. Before, I graduated as Telecommunication Engineer from the Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena, in Murcia, Spain. My research interests include vehicular networks (VN) and smartphone integration in VN; Internet of Things (IoT), and its application to industry and efficiency; Cellular networks such as 4G/5G; Delay Tolerant Networks, and any other technology that may provide pervasive and resilient communications.

In the past, my research activities involved a diverse set of tasks ranging from network simulations and modeling in C++ to Android Java and C# application development. Currently at FICOSA I mostly create software in C and C++.

I want my work to have an impact in the life of people. I envision a world where technology can bring education and new services to every corner. I’m always open to collaboration opportunities and looking forward for professional challenges.

Up to now, besides in Spain, I’ve lived in Germany, Finland and Portugal. During my PhD I collaborated with researchers from Äalto University (in Helsinki) and from Universidade da Beira Interior (Portugal).

Besides, I was a part-time lab-instructor at the UPV. I supervised lab sessions at the course “Design and Configuration of Local Area Networks”. In this course students learn about LAN and WLAN technologies and how to configure and scale them. The course includes network simulations using Omnet++ and experiments with real hardware like switches and access points. I really love teaching, it is one of the most rewarding experience of the world. To improve my teaching skills, in 2015, I took the “Programa de Acogida Universitaria” (Welcome University Program), an introduction to teaching and pedagogy for new university teachers/researchers in UPV.

During my free time I like playing and coaching rugby. I have played rugby in Spain, Finland and Portugal. In 2013, my team, the UPVRC, won the regional league in Valencia, Spain. I have helped coaching kids under 14. I and some friends are proudly founders and funders of the Poliedro Rugby Club (I’m the webmaster too), a small and young school rugby club.

Traveling is always a pleasure too.

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